A vital part of the Aculabs mission is ensuring a professional, diverse and friendly work environment for all of its employees. As a clinical laboratory, Aculabs maintains a growing 5-state operation, servicing over 450 facilities across the Mid-Atlantic.

We’re always looking for talented, self-starting individuals ready to take their professional life to the next level. By cultivating an atmosphere of trust and support, our employees thrive knowing their place at Aculabs is valued. We are a perfect place for dynamic individuals eager to grow within a fast-paced work environment.

Aculabs was founded in 1972 by the same management team in place today who bring unprecedented expertise gained in hospital-servicing and commercial laboratories and in the biomedical industry. Since 1983, Aculabs has specialized in the Long-Term Care Industry. It was then in 2014 when we began developing our Point Of Care program that’s now the only program across the Mid-Atlantic that can help maintain, train, and integrate bedside testing.

Through innovation, we achieved efficient test request generation, data processing, rapid turnaround time, and flawless reporting at every level of service.

Aculabs offers a unique environment where every employee is an integral part of our operation. Take a look through our jobs directory and find out where you belong.

– The Aculabs Human Resources Team