Please see below for our most frequent questions regarding our billing process.

A prescription for COVID testing is required to bill through insurance. Please be aware that testing for travel is deemed to lack medical necessity and is often not reimbursable, and thus cannot be billed through insurance. For those paying out-of-pocket, cash or card is accepted at time of testing.

Outpatients are asked to have their payment or insurance information ready when swabbed by our collection staff to ensure timeliness. Those who have a prescription are asked to provide a copy of their insurance card and prescription. These documents can also be mailed to our staff at

A receipt is generated at point of payment for all outpatients who pay with cash or card.

For a detailed receipt, send a request to

A receipt will be sent to you from our billing team within 24-48 hours.

Your results can be accessed by a computer or phone, and can also be saved as a shareable PDF file.

Our tests are accepted by airlines, cruise lines, and more as valid RT-PCR tests for pre-travel testing, as well as being valid for school, event, and workplace screening. Please email us at if you have any other travel-related questions.

Results are typically posted to our Patient Portal within 12-24 hours after specimen collection has occurred at our testing center.

Once results have been posted, an email will be sent to the email used to register. This email will be titled LAB REPORT and include an access code and a link to view results.

Results from our RT-PCR test will read as a simple “Positive” or “Negative” result.

Those who test positive are encouraged to refer to the manufacturer-provided fact sheets in our COVID-19 Hub under the “#3994 – SARS-CoV-2 Molecular Test – Fact sheets for Patients and Providers” section.