For over 45 years, Aculabs has been the clinical laboratory of choice for post-acute facilities throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Specializing in servicing long-term and sub-acute facilities, our programs ensure accurate and comprehensive reports promptly, prioritizing the prognosis and wellness of residents.

Aculabs is accredited and certified by both the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) and the College of American Pathologists (CAP), the most prestigious organizational accreditation awards within the United States.

We proudly tackle every step of the diagnosis process as a 24/7/365 operation.

  • Order Entry: Aculabs’ online order entry system streamlines the test requisition process, while also saving facilities time on placing orders. A digital audit trail is created and a resident’s cumulative patient file can be checked for medical history before confirming orders.
  • Specimen Collection: Our fully-trained mobile phlebotomists draw with your residents’ safety, time and comfort in mind. As well, Aculabs’ Logistics Department, including a team of dispatchers, oversees that all routine and STAT testing is done on schedule.
  • Drop-Off & Processing: Once collected, specimen are dropped off to our East Brunswick headquarters where our Receiving and Accessioning departments handle all specimen, ensuring proper labeling and accessioning.
  • Results Reporting: Through Aculabs’ team of medical experts and state-of-the-art diagnostic instrumentation, nearly all tests are performed in-house, with routine quality assurance and performance improvement done to ensure we continuously meet new standards of diagnosis. Our testing spectrum includes both routine and esoteric testing. Real-time results review is done via our 128-byte, HIPAA-compliant web portal and our client call center reports critical results via phone service.
  • Billing: After all testing is complete with results reported, Aculabs’ billing department handles all client and patient billing and are available to assist both facilities and residents in understanding invoices.

Aculabs also offers the services of an Information Technology department to help troubleshoot and resolve any issues with our web portal or equipment we provide to your facility.

As well, we provide the services of a team of Client Service Representatives, who are available to perform in-services, assist in program integration, and act as a key point of contact between laboratory and facility.