Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The below resource is to assist facilities if Aculabs is not reachable. Call us if you have immediate needs.

Who do I contact to discuss my bill/invoice?2018-06-28T17:05:25-04:00

If you’re a current client and you have a question about your bill or invoice, please contact the Aculabs Billing Department at

Who do I contact about ordering supplies?2018-06-26T14:00:09-04:00

You can order supplies through our LabGen Web Portal or through calling our Front Desk Reception. Aculabs asks that all of our client facilities please be specific when ordering supplies. To ensure this, we ask that you give our telephone staff your name, facility, and the unit requesting supplies. Faxed supply orders will also require this information.

Check out our Supply Orders page for more information.

Where is Aculabs located?2021-03-19T17:04:01-04:00

Aculabs’ main headquarters is located at 2 Kennedy Blvd, East Brunswick, NJ, 08816. We also have satellite offices located in Cherry Hill, Nj, Forked River, NJ, and Fort Washington, PA for supply pickup and sample drop-off for our mobile employees to help expedite the process of specimen transport.

Please refer to our Contact Us page for more information on how to get in touch.

Where can I find the specimen requirements for a specific test/profile?2018-06-14T10:36:56-04:00

On our client portal under the “SEARCH” section there is the option to search for a test/profile by either the code number or the name.

When does Human Resources receive and review my application?2018-06-25T16:13:57-04:00

When you apply to Aculabs through our Careers section or through one of our public job board listings, Human Resources receives your application almost immediately. If you fit what Aculabs is looking for, our Human Resource Coordinator will likely get in contact with you for more information that day or the following business day to find out more.

What kinds of tests does Aculabs offer?2019-02-11T15:20:37-05:00

Aculabs offers wide variety of tests and services thanks to our dynamic infrastructure as an ancillary service provider.

Refer to our Testing Directory for a better understanding of our services.

What is Aculabs’ policy about requesting additional tests?2018-06-26T14:14:34-04:00

To add on a test to a specimen sample, facilities must fill out an Add-On Request Verification Form and fax it to Aculabs or call in a request. Note: Add-on requests for urine and/or stool cannot be processed. A new requisition form must be completed and a new sample must be collected and sent to the lab.

Please note that it is in Aculabs’ policy that add-on requests submitted more than 24 hours after original order date cannot be processed.

What does an Order’s “status” mean within the Order Log?2024-01-10T21:09:34-05:00

The Aculabs web portal utilizes real-time updates to help your staff know the progress on your lab work.

• Ordered – The default status of your lab work order
• Drawn/Skipped/Refused/Unable to Obtain – Submitted by your Aculabs phlebotomist
• Received In Lab – Your lab work has arrived and been accessioned by our lab staff.
• Partial – Your lab work has been run and some – but not all – results have posted.
• Complete – Your lab work has been completed and all results have been posted.
• Cancelled – Your lab work order was cancelled by a user within your facility.

What are Aculabs’ hours of operation?2021-03-19T17:09:19-04:00

Aculabs prides itself on being a 24/7/365 day operation.

Our main office, located in East Brunswick, NJ, can be reached 24/7. Calls to our front desk receptionists will be answered from 7AM to 10PM. Calls made to our Front Desk after 10PM will be forwarded to an answering service for those in need of assistance.

My facility is interested in using Aculabs’ services.2018-06-14T12:44:50-04:00

If your facility is interested in acquiring Aculabs’ services, please contact a customer service representative.

Is Aculabs an accredited diagnostics laboratory?2018-06-14T11:57:34-04:00

Yes. As a full-service diagnostics laboratory, we are licensed by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, the Pennsylvania Bureau of Laboratories, the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and are accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP).

Please refer to our full list of Certificates & Licenses for more information.

I’m interested in working for Aculabs.2018-06-21T10:16:09-04:00

Aculabs prides itself on offering an enriching and fulfilling company culture to all of its employees. We’re always looking for prospective new hires.

Refer to our Careers section to see what positions we’re currently looking to fill.

I work for Aculabs. How do I access the Employee Intranet?2021-03-19T17:16:51-04:00

To log-in to the Employee Intranet, please click on “Employee Intranet” in the top menu navigation. Your log-in details should have been emailed to you by Human Resources.

If you do not have your intranet log-in details, please contact Human Resources.

I have an issue with using LabGen.2018-06-14T12:08:04-04:00

Aculabs offers training videos that give an easy-to-understand, simple breakdown on how to use each aspect of LabGen.

If you still have issues with LabGen, contact the Aculabs IT Department.

How long has Aculabs been operating?2018-07-12T14:10:11-04:00

Aculabs has been a family-owned laboratory since 1972. We are proud to have 45+ years of excellent service to our name.

Refer to Company Overview to know more about Aculabs.

How fast are turnaround times for STATs?2021-03-19T17:26:44-04:00

Aculabs’ average turnaround time for STAT Testing is four (4) to six (6) hours.

How does Aculabs determine pricing?2018-06-14T10:59:01-04:00

Aculabs uses customized pricing plans to best fit each individual facility’s needs. To discuss pricing, please contact a customer service representative.

How does Aculabs collect samples?2018-06-21T10:25:09-04:00

Aculabs offers a unique system of using mobile phlebotomists to collect samples from facilities across the Mid-Atlantic region, who then drop off the samples at one of our offices within New Jersey.

How do I obtain updated credentials for Aculabs?2019-02-11T15:20:03-05:00

Updated credentials can be obtained by emailing your customer service representative.

How do I know if my resident was drawn?2024-01-10T19:00:21-05:00

Select Order > Order Log . Search the name of your patient and the relevant date range.
All orders placed for your resident within this criteria will be displayed with an Order Status.
Orders with a status of “Ordered” have not been drawn yet by one of our mobile phlebotomists.

How do I get online access for my facility?2018-06-14T11:10:13-04:00

If your facility has online access but you do not, you can speak with Administration and they will be able to give you a username and password otherwise Administration email us the proper authorization and an Aculabs staff member will add you.

If you are inquiring on behalf of the facility and would like to set up your initial online access, please contact your customer service representative or Aculabs IT department directly.

How do I access my reports?2018-06-14T11:03:25-04:00

Current client facilities can access their reports by using our unique online LabGen web portal to streamline the process.

Does Aculabs accept outpatients for blood draw or testing?2019-04-12T13:26:55-04:00

Aculabs does not, unfortunately, accept outpatients at this time. Our services are contracted through nursing homes for geriatric populations. We do not draw blood from or accept any specimen for testing from outpatients looking to drop-in to our East Brunswick headquarters. Our laboratory functions to aid those in nursing homes.

As an employee, how can I view my paystub online?2021-03-19T17:25:42-04:00

We use Paychex Flex to handle all of our online digital payroll communications with our employees. Contact the Payroll Department if you are an employee having issues with accessing your Paychex Flex account.

Are my results from Aculabs confidential?2018-06-21T10:23:25-04:00

Yes. Aculabs respects the privacy of protected health information and understands the importance of keeping this information confidential and secure. We follow all HIPAA regulations and rules regarding your protected information.

Read our Privacy Policy for more information.

After I order supplies, how long will it take to receive them?2021-03-19T17:02:22-04:00

Aculabs utilizes FedEx to ensure delivery of supplies to our clients.  Supplies are typically delivered within two (2)to three (3) business days of ordering and are sent under signature.

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