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Pete Gudaitis is the President of Aculabs, an independent ancillary service provider whose focus is the sub-acute and long term care industry.

A new COVID variant – Omicron

Currently, the B16172 (Delta) variant, the B117 (Alpha) variant, the P1 (Gamma), and B1526 (NY variant) have been reported in New Jersey, but make way for the new one B.1.1.529 also known as Omicron.  (so named for the 15th letter of the greek alphabet) This past Sunday, the WHO said it is not yet clear

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Aculabs Point of Care Program results in 30% reduction of hospital readmission rate

Early last week, we received Interact data from a number of facilities participating in our Point of Care Program.  Analyzing a 12 month period, the 30-Day Readmission Rate has shown significant improvement.  Facilities experienced a decrease of 30% in the Post-Acute hospital readmission rate. History Aculabs began developing its Point of Care Program in

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Accessing your web portal credentials just got easier

As technology evolves, it allows the industry to provide customers with Electronic Medical Records faster than ever. However, limitations still exist in a modern, high-tech world. Our Aculabs Client Web Portal allows us to step in when others come up short, connecting patients with their medical information almost instantly. With our redesigned website, we continue

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The importance of a web portal log in as a back up to your EMR

As we rely more and more on the benefits of Electronic Medical Records and the conveniences its use brings, it is important we maintain the necessary back up procedures for when they fail.  Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are systems and as such are prone to failure from time to time.  Aculabs web portal allows

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Why do I have critically low CBC, abnormal chemistry, and/or abnormal coagulation results for my patients?

Why do I have critically low CBC, abnormal chemistry, and/or abnormal coagulation results for my patients? Why is the drug level is very high? Why do the results fluctuate and do not correlate with the patient’s condition? These are some of the questions we are frequently asked when it comes to specimens collected from

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Patient care is put to the test as clinical laboratory services are hit with a one-two punch in rate cuts

March 6, 2018 - From providing vital diagnostic screenings for a wide range of conditions, to playing a pivotal role in precision medicine, clinical laboratories are a crucial component of America’s health system that drive disease prevention and diagnosis and help guide treatment decisions for patient care. Congress enacted the Protecting Access to Medicare

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