As technology evolves, it allows the industry to provide customers with Electronic Medical Records faster than ever. However, limitations still exist in a modern, high-tech world. Our Aculabs Client Web Portal allows us to step in when others come up short, connecting patients with their medical information almost instantly. With our redesigned website, we continue to prioritize expanding the choices users have in accessing their medical information.

In order to maximize ease to our customers, we now allow users to reset and change their default passwords on their own. All that is needed, in order to change one’s password, is a user ID and an email address. It is important to ensure an email address is on file for you upon registration.

You will have also received a user ID to log-in to the web portal with upon registration.

By ensuring that an email address is linked to one’s account, it allows users to change their default passwords with quick access and ease, enabling them to not only change and customize their default passwords, but also recover any lost passwords directly on their own.

To reset password:

  1. Access the client web portal through the Aculabs website – or, simply click here.
  2. Click “Forgot Password”.
  3. Enter your User ID and Email credentials.
  4. You should receive an email from Aculabs titled “Password Reset” almost instantly.
  5. Take the new temporary password from your email and fill out any requested credentials on the Reset Password prompt.
  6. In the same prompt, fill in your choice for a new password
  7. Once you confirm your new password, you will be able to log-in with your new credentials.

If an email address is not on file for your account, make sure to contact a customer service representative to ensure the ability to recover and change your password.