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Dr. Rita Khoury, Lab Director, Discusses Evaluating TB Gold Testing with McKnights

Aculabs' clinical lab director, Rita Khoury, MD, recently enjoyed the opportunity to sit down and speak with Market Leaders, a podcast hosted by the national healthcare publication McKnights Home Care, about TB Gold testing and the strategies laboratories like Aculabs utilize for long-term care facilities. From McKnights' website: Long-term care residents are at

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Anemia in Geriatric Patients and Understanding Critical Results

Anemia is a common condition in the geriatric population. Several studies have shown that the prevalence of anemia increases with age, with a notable rise starting at the age of 65 and a significant increase after the age of 80.To diagnose anemia, physicians heavily rely on the complete blood count (CBC), specifically looking at hemoglobin

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Enhancing Cost-Saving Efforts: New Features in Our Web Portal

We are thrilled to introduce a series of powerful enhancements to our web portal, designed specifically to empower nursing home facilities in their cost-saving endeavors. EXCEPTION WARNINGS & RESTRICTIONS With this update, users can now receive instant pop-up messages whenever an Exception Test is ordered. The notification provides essential details about the potential financial

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Navigating the Impact of New Jersey’s FY 2024 State Budget on the Long-Term Care Industry

On June 30th, the Governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, signed the Fiscal Year 2024 Appropriations Act into law. Amongst the budgetary highlights of the spending agenda were investments targeting seniors, including those within the state’s many nursing homes and assisted living facilities. As reimbursement rates continue to be impacted, both healthcare providers and

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New Jersey to Require New Demographic Info in Reported Patient Data – Updates to Web Portal

The statutory requirements for new patient demographics take effect on 01/18/23 while recording and reporting requirements for sexual orientation and gender identity take effect on 07/18/23. As part of amendments introduced in 2022 to the New Jersey Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act, all clinical laboratories will have to ensure the reporting of new

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New Molecular Testing for RSV now offers Higher Sensitivity

To meet the needs of elderly patients, who exhibit lower viral loads of RSV, Aculabs now offers a molecular assay. Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is known to impact infants; however, elderly patients in long-term care facilities are also prone to RSV infection. Immunocompromised adults are very susceptible to severe RSV pneumonia, as well. Test code

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Aculabs utilizes rapid flu kits to help long-term care providers meet testing demands during flu season

Aculabs offers clients access to purchase CLIA-waived rapid flu testing kits, with each kit priced at $325 (subject to tax and credit card processing fee). Each test kit comes with 25 flu tests, amounting to roughly just $13 cost per test. By utilizing such test kits, and ensuring their accessibility for clients to purchase,

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Aculabs celebrates 50 years dedicated to service with integrity

This week of September 12th, Aculabs officially celebrates its 50th anniversary in operations, and Dauna Gudaitis, our corporate secretary, and the company's co-founder, has been preparing for this moment throughout the last year. The company was started by Algird V. Gudaitis, BLD, the late husband of Dauna Gudaitis, back in 1972 out of Fair

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Healthcare providers urge Congress to Replenish the HRSA Uninsured Relief Fund

Led by the American Clinical Laboratory Association (ACLA), over 60 public health organizations representing patients, health care professionals, hospitals, public health, laboratories, and diagnostic manufacturers have sent a letter urging the U.S. Congress to replenish the HRSA COVID-19 Uninsured Relief Fund.Click here to view the letter sent by the ACLA and others to Congressional leadership.The Health

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