Notice: Please ensure that we have all updated facesheets. Facesheets can be emailed to This information will be required to make Online Order Entry as quick and efficient for your nursing staff as possible. It may be easier to allow us access to your EMR. 

Please ensure that all files are properly compressed and appropriately encrypted before sending. 

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    Placing Standing Orders

    If your facility currently utilize standing orders (aka reoccurring orders), will you be able to provide a trash-run of your current reoccurring orders?

    Notice: It is vitally important that the standing orders indicate the months the orders are to be drawn. If the list of standing orders does not include dates, it will be necessary to ascertain the dates or make a decision on what dates you wish us to input all of your reoccurring orders. It will be important to make sure the laboratory orders we receive coincide with your physician’s orders.

    Submitting Physician Information

    Please ensure your file is in .pdf, .doc, or .docx format and under 5MBs in size.

    To help assist us as much as possible, please be aware that you'll need to assemble a listing of information you have on relevant physicians. This listing should include physicians' names, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and NPI numbers. You may submit it as an attached document for convenience.