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Whereas many laboratories focus on servicing physicians’ offices, Aculabs takes a different approach: largely providing clinical diagnostic services to long-term care nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Our approach to diagnostic testing is tailored around geriatric populations and their unique needs.


Routine and Stat testing with guaranteed availability


Our specialization guarantees excellent results.


We’re a family-owned laboratory who have been dedicated to premier service for over 45 years.


Accredited by the College of American Pathologists, Medicare and Medicaid programs across the Mid-Atlantic region.

Leaders In Long Term Care

Servicing over 300 facilities across New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, Aculabs is a leader in clinical laboratory and diagnostic services and in post-acute care.

Aculabs is more than just a reference laboratory; we are a family dedicated to providing exceptional diagnostic services. With a personalized reference range to fit your residents’ needs, continuous proficiency testing, innovative programs, and outstanding turnaround times, Aculabs continues to provide exceptional value along with outstanding service.

Our professional staff and consultants bring over 50 years of experience in hospital, research, and independent laboratories, while our client representatives provide information on new test procedures, improved methods and in-services on subjects of interest to our clients. Throughout Aculabs, our people are passionate about their jobs and committed to providing quality diagnostic testing for your patients. Members of our staff and our consultants are always available to assist you with any technical or scientific issues.

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By having facility specific reference ranges, the communication between the physician and nursing staff has greatly improved.

Dr D. Patel, Medical Director

We love the i-STAT and use it very frequently. The device has saved multiple patients from returning to the hospital already and continues to assist us in this. It is our go-to tool and we proudly sell the idea of results in 2 minutes to the doctors.

Marisa Sottilaro, Client Care Coordinator, Aristacare

The i-STAT has certainly been vital in validating issues for our doctors who are offsite, but it has also helped our nursing staff partner with our physicians in the care of the residents instead of just being the conduit for a hospital transfer.  I believe our nurses feel more invested with doctors in the diagnostic process after the initiation of the i-STAT.

Evelyn Kozlowski, RN-BC, NHA, Buckingham Valley Rehab and Nursing Center

We tried the new website and found it much quicker. It’s simplified and much easier for us. Thanks.

Angela C, Facility Educator