Please be aware that Aculabs operates on paperless billing. Please reach out to your Customer Service Rep for your billing office’s Web Portal credentials to access your Account Info/Statements and downloadable Invoices.

COVID-19 Testing & Payment

Aculabs would like to remind all client facilities that the facility will be responsible for any and all COVID-19 testing for Part A and Managed Care patients. The test codes considered in the umbrella of COVID-19 testing are as follows:

*For all dates of services starting 9/1/2021, Aculabs has reduced the charge of the COVID test from $100.00 to $60.00.
CodeTest NamePrice
#3991/3992/892/3994CORONAVIRUS COVID-2 (SWAB)$60.00*
#6034SARS-COVID-2 IGM (BLOOD)$65.00
#6055SARS-COVID-2 IGG$65.00
#6072SARS-COVID-2 IGA$65.00
#774ANTI-SARS-COV-2 S Ab$50.00

Insurance Information

Please see below for billing information related to specific insurance plans and coverage.

Aculabs is actively working on becoming a provider for the following Managed Medicaid payors. For the time being, all services performed on patients with the following insurance will be denied and the facility will be held liable:

  • Aetna Better Health of New Jersey
  • Aetna Better Health of Pennsylvania

Click to access ProviderQuickReference-NJ_compressed.pdf

As of May 1, 2018, AmeriHealth New Jersey grants exclusivity of provider status for all outpatient laboratory services to LabCorp.

We are currently an out-of-network provider for Cigna health plans.

We are currently an out-of-network provider for the following Emblem Health plans:

  • Emblem H.I. Co.
  • Emblem Health Plan GHI

Please be aware that Fidelis Care is an out-of-network payor & prior authorization is required.

Regarding residents with the following insurance, a preauthorization number must now be obtained before services can be processed:

  • Health Partner Plans, Managed Medicaid

We appreciate your understanding and compliance at this time.

Aculabs is participating in Horizon’s Non-Managed (PPO/Indemnity) network.Β  Aculabs is an out-of-network provider with the following HMO/Managed Care contracts; POS, Omnia, EPO, Direct Access, HMO and Medicare Advantage.

We are currently an out-of-network provider for Humana HMO plans.

We are currently an out-of-network provider for InnovAge health plans.

Aculabs is currently a non-participating provider for the following plans:

  • Keystone First Community HealthChoices

Regarding residents with the following insurance, a preauthorization number must now be obtained before services can be processed:

  • PA Health & Wellness (We are now a provider effective 11/2019)

We appreciate your understanding and compliance at this time.

Medicaid Information

While we are a contracted provider with Horizon NJ Health, some tests fall into the category of non-coverage.

Please be aware:

  • For DAS, Medicaid patients will not be billed and the bill for ordering the test will instead fall on the facility.
  • For Keppra testing, patients under Keystone 65, Personal Choice, Keystone, and Independence plans part of IBC will not be billed and the bill for ordering the test will instead fall on the facility.

New Test Information

Our Customer Service Representatives are available at for any questions regarding new testing.

DateTest CodeNamePriceCPT CodeNotes
2021-10-01#777RESP. SYNCYTIAL VIRUS Ag (RSV)$33.1587807QWFor ordering an RSV separate from a larger panel.
2022-04-01#610QQUANTIFERON-TB GOLD PLUS$84.5086481This test is now performed in-house; please use the test code provided.
2022-06-01#MRP3RESPIRATORY PANEL WITH SARS-COV-2$142.6387631
2022-07-01#3868LYMES PCR$318.7387476

Price Changes for Testing

Our Billing Department is available at (732) 777-2588 to help with any questions regarding your facilities’ invoices and billing.

Date EffectiveTest CodeTest NameNew Price
2020-05-01#7000AMINO ACID PROFILE, QUANT, PLASMA$235.47
2020-05-01#4147AMIODARONE (CORDARONE)$35.49
2020-05-01#889CD3,CD4,CD8 T-CELLS$124.44
2020-05-01#8898CD4 LYMPHOCYTE COUNT$60.75
2020-05-01#5231CELL COUNT, SYNOVIAL FLUID$23.89
2020-05-01#2439CRYPTOSPORIDIUM AG STOOL$120.12
2020-05-01#4202D-DIMER QUANTITATIVE$28.67
2020-05-01#1191ENDOMYSIAL IGA AUTOANTIB.$43.68
2020-05-01#1345HEREDITARY HEMO. (C282Y, H63D, S65C)$167.90
2020-05-01#628PHOSPHORUS, URINE/24HR$13.65
2020-05-01#5460PTH PLUS CALCIUM$75.08
2020-05-01#5697RESP. SYNCTIAL VIRUS, EIA$36.86
2020-05-01#1311STOOL FOR FAT QUALITATIVE$45.05
2020-05-01#3392TROPONIN T$73.11
2020-05-01#4775VALPROIC ACID FREE$35.49
2020-09-01#3522FOLATE RBC$62.79
2020-09-01#7741H. PYLORI$94.19
2020-09-01#1441GANGLIOSIDE GM-1 ABS (IGG / IGM)$245.38
2021-01-01#509C REACT.PROTEIN HIGH SENS$25.36
2021-01-01#507C REACT.PROTEIN INFLAMM.$55.60
2021-01-01#3155ESTRADIOIL & SENSITIVITY$118.77
2021-01-01#3125IMMUNOFIXATION (IFE), SERUM$42.32
2021-01-01#9711MUMPS IGG IGM$35.49
2021-01-01#5116VITAMIN D 25-HYDROXY, D2 + D3$129.35
2021-04-01#5580HEPATITIS C VIRUS, RT PCR$184.96
2021-04-01#1300AFP W/ AFP-L3%, SERUM$118.08
2021-06-01#7205AMIKACIN TROUGH$45.05
2021-06-01#5207C DIFF DNA RT-PCR (STOOL)$390.00
2021-06-01#9430CYTOMEGALOVIRUS (CMV) QUANT, PCR$203.39
2021-06-01#3015HIV I & II ANTIBODY$107.54
2021-06-01#8080WEST NILE VIRUS$119.91
2021-08-01#3126CALCITONIN LEVEL$34.13
2021-08-01#4870COPPER (WHOLE BLOOD)$76.70
2021-08-01#487PCOPPER PLASMA/SERUM$28.67
2021-08-01#1947FACTOR VIII ACTIVITY$113.30
2021-08-01#1948FACTOR VIII INHIBITOR$156.98
2021-08-01#100HCV REFLEX TO GENOTYPE$187.69
2021-08-01#3496METHYLMALONIC ACID, SERUM$61.75
2021-08-01#5437MUSK ANTIBODY SERUM$1,170.00
2021-08-01#629PLEURAL FLUID ANALYSIS$79.17
2021-08-01#1012RHEUM. FACTOR IGG,IGM,IGA$113.98
2021-08-01#1227SRP AUTOANTIBODIES$128.05
2021-08-01#8788STREPTOCOCCUS AG URINE$50.51
2021-08-01#5226VIMPAT (LACOSAMIDE)$190.42
2021-08-01#4731NIACIN,BLOOD (VITAMIN B3)$175.05
2022-04-01#5002SPINOCEREBELLAR ATAXIA TYPE 1$3,900.00
2022-05-01#7003EVEROLIMUS LEVEL$237.58