We are thrilled to introduce a series of powerful enhancements to our web portal, designed specifically to empower nursing home facilities in their cost-saving endeavors.


With this update, users can now receive instant pop-up messages whenever an Exception Test is ordered. The notification provides essential details about the potential financial responsibility on the client, ensuring your staff is always aware of the cost of testing before confirming an order.

Moreover, clients can customize the message that will be displayed directly below the test name and cost whenever a warning or restriction pop-up has been triggered.

If a client wishes to distinguish exception tests from other tests, for example, our team can add a message such as: “The cost of this test may or may not be your responsibility. However, if this is a part A or managed care patient, the facility will be responsible for the aforementioned charge.” This differentiation ensures that your staff is well-informed about the cost implications for specific cases.


Another significant advancement is the ability to set threshold amounts within the system for when such warning or restriction messages should be triggered. This innovative feature ensures that alerts are triggered only when the total cost surpasses your specified threshold. Such functionality has been implemented to best help clients avoid incurring unnecessary and accidental costs.

Our new features underscore our commitment to equipping nursing home facilities with advanced tools for cost savings. Those who wish to implement such features can reach out to their customer service representative or to our team at customerservice@aculabs.com with their specific request.