Letter from the Director: Biotin Influence on Laboratory Immunoassay Tests

Published September 2018 as part of Aculabs' LabTalk quarterly newsletter. Laboratory errors have been reported to be 0.012-0.6%; errors due to interference are less than 0.078%. One of the causes of interference in a laboratory is Biotin. - National Institutes of Health's Office of Dietary Supplements. Biotin, known as vitamin B7 or vitamin

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Aculabs goes live with first Cobas e 801 module in New Jersey

As a leader in the post-acute care industry, Aculabs is always searching for new approaches to traditional lab services. Throughout our 45+ years of clinical laboratory service, we’ve proven ourselves as eager to embrace the most cutting-edge technology within our reach. We’ve written in the past about how our laboratory features some of the finest

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Recognizing & responding to human trafficking in a healthcare context

As an industry that experiences frequent and intimate contact with the general public, healthcare professionals have a scrupulous expectation of workplace ethics. Being some of the few individuals whom human trafficking victims may interact with, there is a growing call to action for those within healthcare to know how to recognize and respond to

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