As a leader in the post-acute care industry, Aculabs is always searching for new approaches to traditional lab services.

Throughout our 45+ years of clinical laboratory service, we’ve proven ourselves as eager to embrace the most cutting-edge technology within our reach. We’ve written in the past about how our laboratory features some of the finest medical diagnostic equipment used nationwide, via Roche Diagnostics USA, one of the leading faces for modern diagnostic solutions.

Aculabs can now proudly announce it is the first laboratory in New Jersey to be running and operating a cobas® e 801 module from Roche Diagnostics USA.

First sold in 2017, the cobas® e 801 module allows for high-volume immunoassay testing, while also operating on ElectroChemiLuminescence, Roche’s highly innovative detection technology for heterogeneous immunoassays. The module can run up to 300 tests per hour and holds 48 reagent channels, with no reagent preparation.

Such machines are vital in how we address the diagnostic needs of facilities’ residents. Used in our lab alongside other modules from the same cobas® series, Roche’s diagnostic solutions help Aculabs deliver on its promise of thorough yet timely test results for your residents.