Aculabs offers clients access to purchase CLIA-waived rapid flu testing kits, with each kit priced at $325 (subject to tax and credit card processing fee). Each test kit comes with 25 flu tests, amounting to roughly just $13 cost per test. By utilizing such test kits, and ensuring their accessibility for clients to purchase, nursing homes can now test a patient for influenza at the bedside and with more immediate results for when decisions related to diagnosis have to be made within minutes, not hours.

SURE-VUE™ Signature - Influenza A&B Test Kit

25 Tests Per Kit

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, providers have found increased demand for patient care. Due to an overlap in symptoms that can often appear similar, the industry at large has seen surges for things like influenza and RSV testing, alongside already existing demand for COVID-19 testing. For providers like nursing homes, influenza requires close monitoring due to geriatric populations often having less efficient immune systems. With increased health risks, including death, early detection of influenza can have a significant impact on healthcare outcomes.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, influenza spikes in detection from December to March. This aligns with current estimates that show influenza surveillance as “High” in the majority of states throughout the United States, as of December 2022. Such demand is why Aculabs looks to the benefit of waived-testing flu kits to help ensure that nursing homes can tackle patient care during times of high influenza rates.

One-Step™+ Ultra - Flu Test Kit

25 Tests Per Kit

Aculabs currently stocks the SURE-VUE™ Signature – Influenza A & B Test Kit and the One-Step™+ Ultra Flu Test Kit.

Clients who wish to purchase a flu kit may reach out to their customer service representative to arrange payment and shipment to your facility. As well, clients may reach out to for more information on the kits themselves.