This week of September 12th, Aculabs officially celebrates its 50th anniversary in operations, and Dauna Gudaitis, our corporate secretary, and the company’s co-founder, has been preparing for this moment throughout the last year.

The company was started by Algird V. Gudaitis, BLD, the late husband of Dauna Gudaitis, back in 1972 out of Fair Oaks Hospital, Summit, NJ.  Mrs. Gudaitis, continues to report to work daily in order to set an example for her employees, showing just how much she values the company she helped to build.

Peter Gudaitis, son of the late Dr. Gudaitis, has grown up in the laboratory. Currently, as president with his dedication and leadership, he continues to make decisions to further ensure the company’s growth and success.

In recent years, our coverage area has expanded both westward in Pennsylvania and to the north.

As of 2019, Aculabs officially brought our laboratory services to New York. Our client list continues to grow due to our remarkable service and dedication in this industry.

Cheers to another 50 years! Thank you to all the clients, caregivers, residents, employees, and friends made along the way who continue to make our success possible.

Dauna Gudaitis, Corporate Secretary and Peter Gudaitis, President