Over the past couple months, we at Aculabs have been busy revamping both our public as well as our private, websites.  With many suggestions, and much input from our clients, we have both modernized, as well as simplified, many sections of our online presence.  As you will see by browsing www.aculabs.com, we have made a number of changes, in addition to adding new content.  Please keep an eye on the website for new developments here at Aculabs/ImageDX, as well as in the industry we serve.

The internal client portion of the website has been completely redesigned.  Navigation is handled with a simple left-edge structure and, although the look is a bit different, many of the same features still exist.  We have added a number of different ways to find patient results including a log format, which allows for custom reports. Of course, there are still cumulative reports.  The ordering process has been streamlined to a single page, allowing for quick and easy registration of an order.

We have added Supply ordering, a CRM (client relationship manager) for reporting trouble tickets, and an Analytics section which dynamically shows the facility’s ordering patterns as well as turn around times. To find out more, ask your Customer Service Representative or email us at customerservice@aculabs.com