As we rely more and more on the benefits of Electronic Medical Records and the conveniences its use brings, it is important we maintain the necessary back up procedures for when they fail.  Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are systems and as such are prone to failure from time to time.  Aculabs web portal allows for real time look up of results.  There are times when a clinician can not wait for the results to populate into their EMR and when this occurs it is a good standard of practice to look into  the web portal to find out the status of the result. (If you do not see the result in your EMR, navigate over to our web portal to see if the order is complete and the results are simply delayed)

With its easy-to-use “Inbox” feature and ability to search for patient results by various means, the information clinicians require is never more than a few clicks away.  Also by using the the web portal, users are able to see cumulative reports for a patient and establish if there are any trends.

One of the best features of the new web portal is that it is optimized for use on phones and tablets, as well as computers.  This means that with a few simple clicks, from anywhere in the world, you can gain access to the vital information you need regarding your residents.

If you are not familiar with the use of our web portal, please contact your customer service representative and let them know that you would like to gain access, as well as have an in-service on some of the new features.

The Aculabs/ImageDX web portal can be reached by going to Aculabs Client Web Portal