During the 1st quarter of 2019, Aculabs has experienced near-record growth. At the end of 2018, a number of laboratories decided to divest themselves from the long term care/assisted living market. Then, in early 2019, Aculabs was asked to take over services for U.S. Labs, a Trident-based company. With the exit of U.S Labs from the Mid-Atlantic laboratory space, Aculabs has grown by 30%. We are now servicing in excess of 400+ facilities across four states.

To better service our recently acquired Pennsylvania clients, Aculabs is pleased to announce the opening of our new Pennsylvania location. Fort Washington was selected to serve as Aculabs’ base of operations for the Pennsylvania market. To begin, Fort Washington will act as a local gathering point for the transport of specimens to East Brunswick, New Jersey. In addition to phlebotomy supplies, client supplies will also be stored at this location to allow for quick delivery to facilities, assisting in cases of emergencies.

While having this location as a hub will be a great asset to providing quality service, Aculabs’ plan for the future is to utilize the Fort Washington space as the local testing center for Pennsylvania. At present, we are evaluating various chemistry, hematology, and coagulation instrumentation and will update before the beginning of Q3.