As an industry leader, Aculabs values the way in which our digital and technological systems can always be improved to continually optimize the user experience. Our Online Web Portal remains the main hub for which many clients can 1) most easily place orders and 2) receive order results in the shortest time possible, necessary to quality patient care.

The following updates have been recently implemented into our system for 2022:

Patient Photo IDs – Where possible, our system will soon implement the inclusion of patient pictures on the test requisition forms. This measure will help to reduce the possibility of an incorrect patient draw.

Email Reporting – At the client’s discretion, an email address can be added to all profiles in the facility’s client units to enable email notifications. These notifications will be for when results have been posted, when results are abnormal, or when results are critical.

Updated Exception Test Flagging – With the newly updated logic, our flagging system has been optimized so that clients will be able to have verbiage appear for special pricing even when they would like the ability to order to remain. Similarly, logic will be implemented for individual flagging in regards to exception tests.

As well, Aculabs would like to remind all clients that each client facility is designated an employee-only unit in our system for all employee testing orders. When testing on employees, facilities should ensure that employees are entered into this unit to ensure that they do not get placed into patient accounts, which results in unmatched patients within PCC.

These new updates are meant to ensure that the Online Order Entry process works without any issues, from the point of your staff entering in an order to the time of collection by our mobile phlebotomy staff at the bedside to when our team of laboratory techs post your residents’ results to the portal.

Our website features online training videos on how to use our Online Web Portal, as well.