A laboratory not only needs its staff to be highly trained to run effectively, but it also requires state-of-the-art and cutting-edge equipment. Top-tier equipment can be the difference between disorganized and slow production versus a seamless and streamlined workflow. Roche Diagnostics, as a research and medical diagnostic applications manufacturer, brings such equipment to labs in need.

With the cobas® 8000 modular analyzer series, Roche Diagnostics is helping Aculabs Inc. provide results quickly to patients. Each cobas® series configuration is made-up of a core unit with a loading capacity of up to 300 samples, an optional ISE module, and up to four varying modules.

The cobas® c702 module, for example, has a high throughput, handling up to 2,000 jobs per hour and having a pipeting cycle time of 1.8 seconds. In comparison, the cobas® c502 module is made to work best with a mid-volume throughput. Both, however, offer contact-free ultrasonic mixing. Importantly, though, each configuration system itself can be reconfigured on-site to meet a lab’s changing needs. Being able to handle high-volume production makes the cobas® 8000 progressive towards Aculabs’ daily production goals.

Considered part of Roche’s Serum Work Area automated workflow series, the cobas® series offers intelligent design systems meant to offer unparalleled efficiency.

Automated workflow allows clinical laboratories to change how they handle high-volume production demands.

Some key innovative design elements include:

  • Intelligent sample routing with fast transportation
  • Flexible integration of local requirements for quality control standards
  • Independent processing lines within each module
  • Constant reagent exchange through the reagent manager

Similarly, the Module Sample Buffer allows flexible indexing over each and every individual rack. Rack shuttle gates then allow for fast and efficient movement of racks from module to module within the configuration. As well, true random access enables more choice in selecting where racks end up. Seamless STAT integration also means that information produced is accessible in shorter time.

Most impressive, though, is the high speed capabilities of the cobas® 8000. A high throughput capacity of 9,800 tests per hour allows us to meet our promise of short turn-around times to you, our valued client.