Aculabs asks that all of our client facilities please be specific when ordering supplies.

To ensure this, we ask that you give our telephone staff your name, facility, and the unit requesting supplies. Faxed supply orders will also require this information. Visit our Lab Forms section to access the Supply Order Form.

Please allow up to 2-3 business days for delivery.

Aculabs uses FedEx and all deliveries are sent under signature.

We use this method of delivery because it enables us to track the progress online. It also allows us to verify the person at your facility who has accepted receipt of the packages.

This verification also enables us to track the date and time in which packages were accepted.

As well, please keep all order quantities within reasonable limits.

Want to go paperless? Log-in to our Web Portal to order supplies digitally.

If you have any questions, contact our warehouse directly. at (732) 777.2588 ext. 5370

Document Supplies:

  • Online Order Entry Request Forms
  • Client Supply Order Forms
  • Lab Book

Fax/Printer Supplies:

  • 2820 IntelliFax Drum/Toner
  • 2840 IntelliFax Drum/Toner
  • 2900 IntelliFax Drum/Toner
  • 2920 IntelliFax Drum/Toner
  • HP M401n Toner
  • HP P2015 Toner
  • HP P2055 Toner

Specimen Collection Materials:

  • Specimen Collection Containers (Sterile)
  • 24-Hour Urine Collection Bottles
  • Specimen Culturettes
  • Para Paks
  • Bio Hazard Bags
  • Sputum Traps