Does Aculabs accept outpatients for blood draw or testing?

Aculabs does not, unfortunately, accept outpatients at this time. Our services are contracted through nursing homes for geriatric populations. We do not draw blood from or accept any specimen for testing from outpatients looking to drop-in to our East Brunswick headquarters. Our laboratory functions to aid those in nursing homes.

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Who do I contact about ordering supplies?

You can order supplies through our LabGen Web Portal or through calling our Front Desk Reception. Aculabs asks that all of our client facilities please be specific when ordering supplies. To ensure this, we ask that you give our telephone staff your name, facility, and the unit requesting supplies. Faxed supply orders will also require this

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When does Human Resources receive and review my application?

When you apply to Aculabs through our Careers section or through one of our public job board listings, Human Resources receives your application almost immediately. If you fit what Aculabs is looking for, our Human Resource Coordinator will likely get in contact with you for more information that day or the following business day to

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As an employee, how can I view my paystub online?

We use PC Payroll to handle all of our online digital payroll communications with our employees. Contact the Payroll Department at 732-777-2588 ext. 5228 if you are an employee having issues with accessing PC Payroll or are an employee interested in receiving digital versions of your paystubs.

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