As the landscape of long-term care begins to change, nursing homes and their long-standing relationships with laboratory service providers ultimately change as well. There is a growing industry need for laboratories who can offer well-rounded service at competitive prices. Aculabs’ resident-centered service prioritizes patient comfort and dignity. Our approach to clinical laboratory service emphasizes the need for prompt results and thorough testing that reduces potentially harmful outcomes.

Aculabs currently provides service across a four-state coverage area, including Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Aculabs has maintained its status as the clinical laboratory service provider of choice for hundreds of facilities. In New Jersey alone, our reach includes what amounts to over 70% of the state’s long-term care industry. This continued growth is why Aculabs now sets its sights on expanding into New York’s post-acute care industry.

We have already begun the proper channels to acquire a New York State (NYS) comprehensive clinical laboratory permit and expect to meet all standards of practice required. This process includes an on-site inspection with New York State in late November. As of now, Aculabs is working with the expectation of taking on New York clients as early as the first day of 2019.

Alongside our laboratory services, Aculabs also plans to expand its Point of Care Program into New York State. Our program combines administrative functions, validation, ordering, result correlation in real-time, and EMR integration to create a bedside blood analysis program that has helped currently enrolled facilities see drops in readmission rates as high as 30%.

For more information about our expansion into New York State or to inquire about Aculabs’ services, email us at or call us toll-free at 855-ACULABS.