To begin: Happy New Year! I would like to thank the thousands of residents, wonderful caregivers, valued employees, and loyal clients who joined us on our journey in 2018 and who continue on with us into 2019. As we ring in a new year, the laboratory – along with the rest of the healthcare industry – continues to face new and interesting challenges. With challenge, however, comes opportunity. To meet these challenges, Aculabs has been investing in ways to evolve our infrastructure.

For the first quarter of 2019, Aculabs is happy to announce we will begin beta-testing our new telephone app.  The phone app will notify clinicians, most importantly physicians, of laboratory values for their residents. Via an “Inbox” function, users will be able to see all recently reported results. A “Lookup Reports” section will allow the user to search patients’ results within an electronic database holding over 35 years of secure data online. Critical results will be sent via a push notification, while a “Critical Report” section will allow the user to review the results along with “flagging” them so others will see that the results have been viewed. Once the results have been flagged and acknowledged, a comment will be added to the report so that others are aware.

Such similar app technology is being developed to help increase the productivity of our mobile phlebotomists, as well. By advancing the tools used by our mobile employees, we can streamline necessary procedures that’ll allow phlebotomists to focus more on prompt arrivals and thorough specimen collection instead of routine logistical paperwork.

As previously reported, Aculabs has applied for and completed its first New York State Department of Health inspection, with hopes now set on completing the rest of the application process and the end-goal of taking on facilities starting early this year, Even as Aculabs continues to grow its reach, we keep in mind the importance of our mission: the prognosis and wellness of residents.

– Pete Gudaitis, Aculabs President