Last month, Aculabs announced that it would begin undergoing the process to expand the reach of its clinical lab services into New York. This process included an on-site inspection with New York State in late November. Following completion of the inspection, we begin the next phase of waiting for New York’s decision.

Aculabs first took interest in making its services accessible to long-term care and assisted-living facilities in New York when recognizing a growing need for prompt and diagnostically meaningful testing. It became apparent that nursing homes in the state wanted laboratories with whom they could build long-standing relationships.

With servicing over 70% of New Jersey’s post-acute industry, a significant portion of Aculabs’ client base comes directly from referrals. In addition to our lab services, our Point of Care program of bedside blood analysis and testing continues to help facilities reduce readmission rates. This continued success throughout our four-state coverage area exemplifies our position as one of the leading laboratories of choice throughout the Mid-Atlantic. In times of industry-wide uncertainty, Aculabs prides itself on delivering reliable service.

We now eagerly await the final stages of this process and, what we believe will be, its likely conclusion – a comprehensive clinical laboratory permit to work within New York State. We continue to work throughout December with the expectation of being able to take on clients from New York beginning as early as January 1st, 2019.

For more information about our expansion into New York or to inquire about Aculabs’ services, email us at or call us toll-free at 855-ACULABS.