March 2, 2018 –

Aculabs, working in partnership with Abbott industries, is happy to announce the expansion of the i-STAT Point of Care Program.  With the successful deployment of 7 devices throughout calendar year 2017, Aculabs is pleased to announce that 10 more sites have committed to utilize the Aculabs i-STAT Point of Care Program (AIPOCP) for Q1 2018.

The Aculabs Point of Care Program is based on the use of Abbott’s i-STAT.  The i-STAT handheld operates with the advanced technology of single-use i-STAT test cartridges. Together, they create the i-STAT System—a blood analysis system that provides health care professionals with the information they need to rapidly make treatment decisions, which may lead to enhanced quality of care and improved system efficiency.

“The iStat has certainly been vital in validating issues for our doctors who are offsite, but it has also helped our nursing staff partner with our physicians in the care of the residents instead of just being the conduit for a hospital transfer.  I believe our nurses feel more invested with doctors in the diagnostic process after the initiation of the iStat.”

With the use of Aculabs Online Order Entry Portal, and our integrated approach to Point of Care, clinicians will be equipped with the fastest, most accurate diagnostic tools available.  We provide a simple order entry method, Quality Control measures to ensure accuracy, real-time laboratory correlation, as well as integrated resulting (both web and EMR).  Aculabs provides all of the necessary training and administrative support to ensure that your users certifications are up to date.

If you are interested in learning more about Aculabs i-STAT Point of Care Program please contact your customer service representative or send an email to